Wednesday, 17 February 2010

new start - not so same old

Wow what an incredible few weeks! new house is sorted after some major dramas(which mean our repayments are going to be about 33% higher!) so currently busy ferrying across all our worldly possessions, sorting out utility, TV, phone providers, cleaning and buying the new bits and bobs we need.

Also I am really excited to be starting work for FutureGov from next Monday. It's on a part-time contract basis, but i'm hoping it can develop from there. I have already had some meetings with the team and they are working on some great projects, including a couple which I am going to be involved with straight away.

One of these is Tweety Hall and its blog in particular.

Tweety Hall helps bring citizens and councillors through Twitter and is going through a really exciting period with the build up to elections.

So there you go two big bits of news - exciting times ahead!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fresh start - same old, same old

So there I was, writing this post talking about a new start, new year, everything's changing blah blah and then I came across this post from a year ago saying pretty much the same thing.

Well a meagre four posts later it doesn't make sense to offer grand promises about a flurry of activity on here or the direction I am going to head in, but I still think I should step it up a little and so I am starting now.

In all honesty I am going through huge changes at the minute, some of which I am just holding back on slightly until I know how they are going to pan out.

But hopefully both personally and professionally there will be some changes for the better ahead.

Anyway your not really bothered about my life so here's a funny video - well its kind of funny but also raises the question about Simon Cowell's exploitation of the general public (I still laughed).

Its been hailed the first viral video of 2010 by Mashable and a few of the inevitable remixes have been picked up by Popeater here.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

unreality TV

I'm having difficulty starting this post as it is one of those 'am I just preaching to the choir' topics. But I think I have a little more to offer following some recent conversations.

My constantly growing disenchantment with the media has positively sprouted after talking to a couple of people from either side of the reality TV camera.

A friend's sister appearing on Britain's Next Top Model not only allowed a serious amount of banter to be sent his way but also offered some seriously shameful insight into how this programme is made.

The girls were constantly told to up the bitch factor with each other and although too modest to admit it herself my friend's sister was clearly kicked off the show for refusing to get involved, pretend to cry or slag off the other girls.

Apparently one of the girls who has gone very far in the show went in to a room with a producer in a perfectly good mood before coming out in tears (no its not what you think!) before running up to one of the other girls, shoving her and calling her a bitch.

Now while this is hardly groundbreaking stuff, so much of the audience of this show would never stop to think about the behind the scenes and view this as reality. And I think that showing young girls that going up to a perfectly reasonable person and pushing them and calling them a bitch is normal behaviour, is actually quite damaging to society.

Another friend who actually works as production assistant told recently of his exploits on a show where his job is effectively to rile up the people involved. A common problem he faces is getting the camera crew on the scene before their anger peaks.

I guess as all tabloidesque media seeks to push the boundaries be it print, TV or online this is inevitable and being fairly libertarian minded I wouldn't call far a ban on it or anything stupid, but couldn't it just be re branded perhaps as comedy, drama etc the lines are already pretty blurred.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Snowdonia, Wales

snowdonia, wales 107
Originally uploaded by ArunMarsh
Just had a lovely break in the Snowdonia national park - this pic sums up the sheer magnitude of the landscape, even though the mountain range isn't huge in global terms being in its midst is a humbling, yet magnificant feeling.

I like the way the huge coach in the bottom right is dwarfed by the surrounding giving a good sense of scale.

If you are in the area - I strongly recommend the Black Boy pub in the lovely walled town of Caernarfon.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

ITV are terrible at sport

And if you needed any more proof - they just cut to adverts before the end of exta time in the FA cup Merseyside derby. An honest mistake you may say. Well its a pretty terrible one as everton scored the winning goal during that time!

Please do not give them any more big sporting events! even if the terrible commentary/presenting isnt bad enough this is!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Truth on chickens

This is interesting (don't watch the video its a 30 second advert followed by a 10 second clip of Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall throwing a plucked chicken into the air in slow motion) .

I'm no animal rights protester and I think a business has every right to act within the law to provide people who don't care about the upbringing (or consequently taste) of their food with chicken that's as cheap as chips - or should that be cheap as chicken, or maybe 'cheep' as chi... I'll stop there.

But as my main man Hugh points out in C4's 'Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too' - it is downright deceptive to put a picture of a farmer in a field on the packaging of a chicken that has never seen daylight, let alone a field - even if, as a Tesco PR woman says, 'its reassuring'.

Yes! - it reassures me of my anti-Tesco grocery buying stance (which currently consists of not using Tesco unless it is closer, has the product(s) I'm after cheaper, has less weird people in it or has more convenient opening hours than other nearby supermarkets).

Monday, 19 January 2009

new year new direction new excuses

Well it has been a long time, hasn't it? Plenty of excuses as to why, but none really worth going into, or true.

I've taken the decision to take the blog in a more general direction, rather than focusing on how crap the mainstream media is.

There will still be a strong media focus, as that is what I am interested in, but from now on I might include interesting bits not related to the media and also look at more of my photo's and videos and other bits including my own unique take on life!

Anyway hope all the millions and millions of my fans out there had a good Christmas and New year.

Incidentally today is apparently the most miserable day of the year - is that why I have blogged for the first time in 4 months?? Personally feel quite chipper (a word I would write but never say) and anyway things can only get better!