Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Shanking out

It's another silly season shanking special!

This time the Sun has taken a stab at Facebook application Superpoke! (their ! not mine).

The developers, Slide, had allowed FB users to 'shank' each other along with all the other actions such as Smack, suckerpunch, kiss, hug etc.

According to the Sun the Shank action was aimed at 'the kids who carry knives' because shank is a 'street-term'.

So praise must be heaped on the Murdoch rag because it contacted Slide who removed it, fortunately not because of any threats from the Sun, but because the 'Shank' action went against the 'fun and often silly' ethos of Superpoke!

But is this removal not against the interest of free speech? I can no longer 'shank' my friends because the Sun has decided this virtual action is 'sick'.

Funny then that on Friday they seemed to be such free speech advocates.

Unofficial Facebook blog, Allfacebook.com, has a take and full Slide response.

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