Tuesday, 12 August 2008

When not to use video?

A change made to this story on the BBC today started me thinking after I linked to it twice at different times.

The earlier edition - at around lunch time had a video at the top showing the cute girl miming, later - around 5pm this had changed and was replaced by a picture (it has since been changed again with two pics side side by side and the video lower down the page).

What are the possible reasons behind this?

Do they have to pay to use the footage? No, the corporation paid up front for some kind of package.

The only thing I can think of is, because the BBC were the sole British broadcasters of the ceremony (and the whole Olympics as this left of centre media love-in demonstrates), they have put alot into the promotion, idents and so on, and they dont want to take the shine off one of the main aspects too much.

They couldn't pull the whole story, as that would be a bit 'China', so to speak.

But they didn't, or someone there didn't, want to make too big a thing of it. It's something that everyone is talking about - everyone is impressed so maybe its a good idea not to worry about it too much.

Anyway, Just a (conspiracy?) theory.

Would like to hear your's...

Also be interesting to hear if you know of any technical/asthetic/journalistic reasons for taking video off a story generally?

  • As I write this the story is on BBC Newsnight - which may pour some water on my theory, but was it on the main news?

It still doesnt't answer the question why take the video off the site in the first place?


Dan W said...

Firstly, your link doesn't work. Secondly, you mean 'pour', not 'poor'.

I don't really see the huge issue with this replacing of the girls. One was deemed prettier. Meh. It's a bit rich for anyone in any UK media outlet to criticse this. The BBC, ITV, Channel 4 have been guilty of a plethora of TV fakery, but in those instances they've made millions from it.

Arun said...


The link does work, there must be something wrong with your computer.

Thanks for pedanting, sorry pointing, out the spelling mistake.

I agree with you on the fake thing, but thats not really what i'm getting at - i was more interested in why the BBC removed the video.

Anonymous said...

Good theory. They could be doing this because were the sole British broadcasters of the ceremony, as you said. The other reason could be that varying content on the website could lead to more hits by readers. I reckon it is a result of their new media and search team who can possibly monitor the content people are searching for.
So for instance if more people searched for crooked teeth kid (sorry for being politically incorrect)they're likely to use that image and vice versa.

Don't know if that makes sense but again it's just a theory.

And don't worry about typos while blogging. It is ridiculous if someone actually points these out.

Arun said...

thanks Anon - dont be shy announce yourself!

good point SEO seems to be the king at the minute.

Its sadly killing the art of headline writing and means that once quality papers like the telegraph are more concerned with Britney's tits than real news!

Anonymous said...


As for announcing myself, if I told you I'd have to kill you .. j/k

Another tip, your FB update brought me here but many others might not find your blog as the URL on FB is: truth'srevenge.blogspot.co

Arun said...

aha! thanks.

Things a bit quiet at Mouchel are they?

if you are not the person i'm thinking of then that will mean nothing to you!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you're talking about but this guessing game is fun.. lol

Dan W said...

Oh you are popular! Well that link wasn't working. I reckon you did a sneaky fix. Two, yes typos are important. You can't go around proclaiming to be promoting truth in the media if you can't bloody spell / use the right word!

Other than that, blog on!

Arun said...

Ok i did do a sneaky fix on the link, thanks for pointing it out.

But as for the spelling, truth is not about spelling. Are you suggesting Americans can't tell the truth, because they spell differently?

Dan W said...

No but that's a linguistics thing. If they did try and promote truth using their spellings and got them wrong it would be the same effect.

I concur though that spelling mistakes in blogs aren't really the end of the world, nor are broken links that get fixed, but I guess it just works better if the things you write about are what get people debating.

You should write another blog and get some more debate going. I added you to my blogroll. Success!

Anonymous said...

and they lived happily ever after...