Friday, 3 October 2008

Joe Kinnear's rant at the journo's

Just seen this transcript of a Joe Kinnear press conference over at Football 365 - it gives a great insight into the world of football reporting (albeit a slightly weird one).

The first few pars are the most shocking/funny but the obvious Truth Revenge angle doesn't come in until about halfway through with the NUFC press officer pleading for all the tapes to be wiped!

Press officer: Let's get on to football. Let's have an agreement that everything said so far, if anyone has got their tapes on, it's wiped off and we're not discussing it.

Journalist: But that's what Joe has said he thinks of us.

Press officer I'm saying don't push it. Let's accept what's been said and try and move on.

Journalist: Move on to not doing any more press conferences?

Thanks to 365 for ignoring them and letting us see it in all its glory.

The Mirror also has a full recording - its interspersed with stupid mirror overlays so no-one can record it and claim it for themselves - but fortunately retains all the swearing.

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