Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Fresh start - same old, same old

So there I was, writing this post talking about a new start, new year, everything's changing blah blah and then I came across this post from a year ago saying pretty much the same thing.

Well a meagre four posts later it doesn't make sense to offer grand promises about a flurry of activity on here or the direction I am going to head in, but I still think I should step it up a little and so I am starting now.

In all honesty I am going through huge changes at the minute, some of which I am just holding back on slightly until I know how they are going to pan out.

But hopefully both personally and professionally there will be some changes for the better ahead.

Anyway your not really bothered about my life so here's a funny video - well its kind of funny but also raises the question about Simon Cowell's exploitation of the general public (I still laughed).

Its been hailed the first viral video of 2010 by Mashable and a few of the inevitable remixes have been picked up by Popeater here.

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