Wednesday, 17 February 2010

new start - not so same old

Wow what an incredible few weeks! new house is sorted after some major dramas(which mean our repayments are going to be about 33% higher!) so currently busy ferrying across all our worldly possessions, sorting out utility, TV, phone providers, cleaning and buying the new bits and bobs we need.

Also I am really excited to be starting work for FutureGov from next Monday. It's on a part-time contract basis, but i'm hoping it can develop from there. I have already had some meetings with the team and they are working on some great projects, including a couple which I am going to be involved with straight away.

One of these is Tweety Hall and its blog in particular.

Tweety Hall helps bring citizens and councillors through Twitter and is going through a really exciting period with the build up to elections.

So there you go two big bits of news - exciting times ahead!

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